Finding my way back

Curbing Screen Time

Part of getting back to my roots I believe means pulling away from the lures of technology. Although I 'technically' was born at the start of the millennial generation, I didn't grow up with screens everywhere. I think we got... Continue Reading →


Seeds, seeds, seeds!!

My seeds arrived this week and I started some indoors this weekend. I do not usually have success starting plants indoors (they seem to dry out and I only have 1 window). I am hoping starting them in larger containers... Continue Reading →

2017 Garden Plan!

I loved having my first real vegetable garden last year. It was beautiful, though I didn't get too much food from it. There were several reasons for this. I started planting too late (partly owing to having to build the... Continue Reading →

Movie: Life Off Grid

Last night I broke out my knitting bag and watched the documentary Life Off Grid. This film follows several Canadians across each province who have chosen to disconnect. This often includes generating their own power, water, and food. The film... Continue Reading →

Movie: A Plastic Ocean

After handing my toddler a stack of old cards to play with I discovered a small stash of iTUNEs gift cards. So I did what any normal person would do - I went in search of some good documentaries. I... Continue Reading →

Energy Update

So I am continuing my quest to reduce my energy bill and I thought I would give an update on my accomplishments. We have been using the energy meter to 'learn' about our appliances. As I obsessively try to reduce... Continue Reading →


My brother got me a unique Christmas gift this year. He bought me a few orders of food from an organization called Plan B Organic Farms. They deliver a carton of fresh vegetables to your door that is organic, local... Continue Reading →

The Mighty Textbook Purge

When I went to university I never sold my used textbooks for two reasons. First, I had this illusion of a grand library in my future house (picture the library from Beauty and the Beast). Second, I assumed I would... Continue Reading →

The War on Energy

Last post, I indicated that I was going to go to town reducing our energy bill. I decided to hit up Kijiji and bought an essentially new (but half price!) BlueLine Innovations PowerCost Monitor. Simple to set up, one unit... Continue Reading →

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