I am writing this blog for myself. Think of it as part checklist, part record keeping. It is to keep me motivated.

My lifetime goal is a hybrid of both a childhood dream to have a hobby horse farm and a more recent interest in environmentalism. It is hard to summarize my vision but I guess you could say I want to be self-sustaining. My goal includes the following:

  • Own land/farm
  • Produce all my own food
  • Have an environmental impact of zero

It is a little ambitious I admit (hence a lifetime goal). Especially when you consider that I am a pretty typical consumer, cannot afford a farm in the foreseeable future, and my house is typically a place where plants go to die.

I have always loved being on a farm, having ridden horses since the age of 5. There is something about the open fields, forests, and fresh air that is therapeutic for me. Since as long as I can remember I have wanted to live in the country and have a small hobby horse farm.

The environmental aspect of this vision came about more recently: with the birth of my daughter. It was a perfect storm of events. First, I somehow wound up having 4 baby showers. That’s right, 4! I am super grateful for all my friends and family who helped us get ready for the baby. But when I sat down and began putting all the wonderful gifts in the nursery I became immediately aware of the volumes of garbage in the form of gift packaging. It made me really think about the world my baby would inherit. Having a baby born in the winter also meant I spent a lot of time cooped up in the house (aka watching environmental documentaries on Netflix). In an attempt to keep myself awake during 3am (okay 10pm, 1am, 3am, 4am and 6am) feedings I started looking up ways to be more environmentally friendly on my cell phone. I foundĀ  Bea Johnson’s blog and eventually read her book (also at 3am under the glow of a ducky nightlight) Zero Waste Home. Read this book; it changed my life.

I had never considered myself ‘bad’ when it came to being earth friendly. I recycled and didn’t buy too many things (not like I can afford to). Her book opened my eyes and made me begin to question so many things in my life that I had never considered before. It set me on the path towards trying to significantly reduce my footprint on this earth. I made a staged New Years resolution that I primarily documented on Facebook. I now think a blog is a better way to highlight what I am doing, both for myself and for anyone else who is interested in following.

Be prepared to see my environmental successes (or more likely, failures), recommended books or movies, personal achievements, and random thoughts.