I previously posted that I was trying out the use of a mini hoop tunnel to extend my vegetable garden growing season. Using the “Year-Round Vegetable Gardener” book as my guide, I began my garden earlier this year.

I figured, knowing my history of plant genocide, that this plan was doomed to failure. But peeling back my hoop tunnel this week revealed the beginning of new life. I took some pictures to share. I am very proud; though less proud that my toddler fell down the yard steps (it’s only 2 steps) while I was distracted by my seedlings.

I had read that some herbs will survive the winter if you trim them back and cover the soil with mulch to help keep the roots warm. I did this for my rosemary, thyme, oregano, chives, and mint. My chives are flourishing like crazy and the mint appears to be making a strong comeback (despite being almost destroyed when a rodent decided to move into the planter). The thyme and oregano are struggling but there is some green. The rosemary is beyond dead.

Green onions, Swiss chard and carrot seeds were put directly into the garden. I can see some green onions sprouting up. The Swiss chard is a question mark: could be a seeding, would be a weed. I have no idea. The first whispers of carrots can also be seen.

My broccoli is doing ‘okay’ after being transplanted. Some lettuce seedlings underneath.
This week the potatoes appeared!

And as always, my helper was all to willing to play the critical role of ‘dirt trans-planter’. Trying to balance letting her play in the garden with protecting the tiny plants.