Last year was my third year canning. I had previously only canned spaghetti but last year was keen to expand to canned tomatoes, salsa, and pizza sauce. I did a batch of roma tomatoes from a local farmer for each. I am super depressed because, as of last week, we are completely out of canned tomatoes, salsa, and there is only 1 jar of spaghetti left. I had to buy diced tomatoes from the store this week. I wanted to cry.

Showcasing my canning from last fall. Now almost all gone.

So 1 bushel of tomatoes lasted about 6 months. This means I need to double everything next year. Good thing I scored some extra cans from a friend who is moving. Though I think I need to invest in a significantly larger pot to cook everything in.

Last year I also tried using herbs from my garden instead of dried store-bought herbs but just guessed at the amounts needed when I was elbow deep in spaghetti sauce. The flavor was more bland so this fall I need to actually calculate the conversion from dried to fresh herbs and prep it beforehand.

One day I hope to can more than just tomatoes (though I do eat a lot of tomatoes). I tried peaches but no one has eaten them. And maybe one day when I am magically rich and own enough land I can grow the roma tomatoes I need for canning. I can dream.