When I went to university I never sold my used textbooks for two reasons. First, I had this illusion of a grand library in my future house (picture the library from Beauty and the Beast). Second, I assumed I would need to refer to the textbooks later in life.

I was delusional. I think in 10 years I maybe looked at one once. Instead my textbooks have served as overrated dead-weights that I have lugged through 3 moves.

So I am determined to get rid of them. But throwing them out seems so wasteful.

I found a group called Textbooks for Change that will accept donations of textbooks that were published within the past 15 years. They either donate them to partner libraries and universities in East Africa, sell them to local students and use the funds to support local initiatives, or recycle them.

So I used the ISBN numbers to look up the publication dates on all my textbooks and out of 40 books, about 10 of them fell within the 15 year cut-off (this made me feel old). So today I dropped off those textbooks with the hope that maybe they would be used at least once more before hitting the recycling plant.

The rest are haphazardly pilled in my basement waiting for some inspiration as to what to do with them.