Last post, I indicated that I was going to go to town reducing our energy bill. I decided to hit up Kijiji and bought an essentially new (but half price!) BlueLine Innovations PowerCost Monitor.

PowerCost Monitor installed on my energy meter

Simple to set up, one unit sits on your energy meter and feeds information to your handheld monitor. Once you program your energy information (peak hours, price) it will give you real-time information on how much energy you are consuming and what it is costing you.

This unit is fun – but it is already triggering a bit of obsessive-compulsiveness. If I see a spike in energy cost from 7 – 50 cents/hour (as it did when I turned on the dryer) I immediately think to turn everything off. I guess that is the point! Though I am not sure my family enjoys eating in the dark.

I also was excited to look into this Free EnergyCloud app that goes with the monitor that can track individual appliances. But ‘Free’ is used sarcastically here because you need to buy the WiFi bridge to go with it and used ones on Amazon are over $300. No. Freaking. Way.

Fingers crossed that I can reduce my energy bill!