Since I left my job for an ‘extended’ maternity leave, we have been discussing the budget. Cuts needed to be made if we were to survive on a single income.

Turns out there are not too many places to ‘trim’ expenses around here – we are not frivolous spenders and most of our house bills are pretty set in stone. We both agreed that one area that we had some control over was our electrical usage.

Our municipality charges based on usage: you are charged more during on-peak times of day, and charged less during off-peak hours. We decided, that with a little more thought, we could shift our usage towards non-peak hours. Reduces our bill and is environmentally friendly in general.

What did we do?

  • Laundry and dishes are exclusively to be done during off-peak hours
  • Try to keep lights off during peak hours

Hmm okay, so we didn’t do a lot but it is a step in the right direction!

Got our electrical bill today and I was sooo excited to see whether we had made a difference in our energy usage (far more excited then anyone should be for a bill).

Now, because I am a giant nerd, I graphed the results for you.


In conclusion, our efforts did fuck all.

Though in our defense, we only started this in December and the billing period covered October-December. Maybe January will be different? Also, our total energy usage was down from the previous billing period.

I am actually a bit pissed off that there was zero effect.

Challenge accepted.