No, not on an exercise bike.

Sexy lady doing some spinning. From

Yarn spinning. The lost art of turning sheep (llama, cotton, or apparently dog) hair into yarn. Except that people are still hand spinning! I found a local group that spins yarn and they held a educational display at my library this weekend.

I was all over that.

I brought a friend and we got a walk-through of the different stages of preparing yarn. Interesting to learn even if you don’t have a desire to do it yourself. And it certainly gives you an appreciation of how clothes are made.

Briefly, you:

  1. Sheer the sheep
  2. Wash the wool
  3. Comb the wool – this separates and aligns the wool fibers
  4. Attach a string of fiber to the spinning wheel (the wheel mostly twists the yarn and places it on a bobble….of some reason I thought it was more complicated)
  5. Work the wheel (aka spin it) as you use your hands to thread wool fiber into the wheel (really your just pulling the fibers into a long string)
  6. You can then can combine the yarns if you want to make a mixed blend (wool and cotton blend), or different colors.
  7. Option to dye the yarn.

I think I have a new skill I need to learn. This definitely got an eye roll from my husband. It probably didn’t help that in the same conversation I mentioned raising sheep and llamas?

Stay tuned for me learning how to spin yarn!