In 2016 I made a commitment to eliminating the use of paper towels. After research into a suitable alternative I decided to ‘invest’ in Skoy cloths.

They are $3 if you include shipping.

The left side of the image shows a brand new cloth. Pictured on the right is the skoy cloth that I have been using in the kitchen for A FULL YEAR. $3 for a whole year’s worth of nasty kitchen cleaning. It hardly even smells bad! The sponge I have had on my counter for 1 week smells worse. But I have decided it is time to retire this cloth and break out a new one.

The website advertises that 1 cloth replaces about 15 rolls of paper towel. I didn’t keep track of how much paper towel I had used in previous years but the numbers seem about right.

The skoy cloth is also completely biodegradable. Now, my municipality doesn’t accept textiles in the green (compost) bin so I am going to have to find someone with their own and make a new friend!

The only thing I didn’t like about them is that they don’t dust super well – but they work fantastic for cleaning bathroom and kitchen counters!