Check out the cool product I found at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto! A beeswax-based food wrap.

In my quest to reduce plastic I did not know what to do with all those ‘half-used’ foods. Traditionally I would put them in a ziplock bag or in saran wrap in the fridge. I tried just putting the food in the fridge unwrapped but it went bad. I also tried putting them in the glass tupperware containers I had bought but it seemed to use up all my containers and due to budget constraints I couldn’t just go buy a hundred glass containers!

These abeego wraps were the solution. You use them just like saran wrap except they are not plastic! They are naturally sticky so they cling well to each other. The product claims to be biodegradable but I will have to contact my local organic waste collection service to see if I can drop them in the green-bin  (they don’t allow textiles so not sure how this would be classified). Bonus there was no plastic in the wrapping either!

Bought a variety pack of 3 for $20. I was told they would last at least a year. Check them out here.