Trying to stop the newspaper from coming to my doorstep each week has been an infuriating battle. I don’t read the local newspaper…ever. It goes straight from the doorstep to the recycle bin. What a horrible waste.

I just finished sending what is probably my 8th e-mail to the local newspaper politely requesting that they do not deliver to my house. I also have a large clear sign (in the planter) saying “No Newspaper Please”.  Generally, after sending an e-mail to the newspaper, several weeks will go by without a delivery. Then WHAM, out of the blue I will start getting it again. Infuriating! I figure there is a very rapid carrier turn around and I will literally have to message the paper every time their carrier changes.

I originally debated about collecting all the papers and returning them but that seemed a bit passive aggressive. In today’s digital age, why do we even still have physical newspapers delivered?