The baby slept well this week so I was able to catch up on some evening knitting and documentary watching.

The Ivory Game was about the slaughter of elephants in Africa to fuel the China ivory industry. Well done documentary. I would recommend watching it. However, apart from obviously not buying ivory (yeah, cause I could afford it), I wasn’t left with a sense of what *I* could do to help the situation. I checked out their link to the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance website and found a list of common wildlife products from endangered wildlife. Helpful if you are the kind of person who buys such things.

I also watched Food Choices. This documentary was very similar in tone to one I had previous watched called Cowspiracy. Both films promote a plant-based diet: examining evidence that the consumption of meat is bad for both our health and the environment. Cowspiracy I preferred because it had more concrete scientific evidence presented. Food Choices was a decent film and I recommend watching it as well. I like that it had many, though not exclusively, nutritional experts. For the record, an acupuncturist is not a nutrition expert.

My non-expert opinion remains that, yes, we as North American’s eat WAY TOO MUCH meat but I am still not quite on board with the notion that we need to eliminate it completely. Every time I watch such a documentary I am, at least temporarily, motivated to reduce meat consumption. This week I planned half my dinners as vegetarian.

This week’s meal plan. Half are meatless. Though I just realized there are 7 days in a week, not 6. Damn mom brain.