Finding my way back

Wimpy First Harvest

It looks as though the first batch of my delicious looking vegetables is ready to be consumed. I was very excited. Until I actually pulled out the food. Broccoli turns out you have to catch broccoli at just the... Continue Reading →


Mmm Strawberries

Nothing heralds the arrival of summer weather like the emergence of juicy red strawberries! So this post is ALL about strawberries! I tried to start strawberries from seed this year but it failed horribly. Although now I look online and... Continue Reading →

First Signs of Life in My Garden

I previously posted that I was trying out the use of a mini hoop tunnel to extend my vegetable garden growing season. Using the "Year-Round Vegetable Gardener" book as my guide, I began my garden earlier this year. I figured,... Continue Reading →

Outside the Box

Just finished a fantastic book called Outside the Box: Why Our Children Need Real Food, Not Food Products by Jeannie Marshall. I actually came across this book only because I was chasing my crazy toddler through the library, picking up... Continue Reading →

Warming my dirt

The growing season can be a bit short up here in the north so this year I decided to be adventurous and use a mini hoop tunnel to extend the growing season. A mini hoop tunnel is a fancy way... Continue Reading →

The Chain

I finished reading The Chain: Farm, Factory, and the Fate of our Food by Ted Genoways. This book defines investigative journalism. Exceptionally well researched, the author explores the evolution of Hormel, a pork product company, from its inception to the high... Continue Reading →

I used up my tomatoes…I am sad

Last year was my third year canning. I had previously only canned spaghetti but last year was keen to expand to canned tomatoes, salsa, and pizza sauce. I did a batch of roma tomatoes from a local farmer for each.... Continue Reading →

Amazing Quote

"...nostalgia is important for reminding us of another time, when things were done differently; otherwise we accept our present state as completely normal. It reminds us that there may be something we're missing. We can try to find the thread... Continue Reading →

Milk Men

I watched a really interesting documentary called Milk Men: The Life and Times of Dairy Farmers the other night. If you have any interest in where your milk comes from I recommend watching this film. The film does not take... Continue Reading →

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